What to do when someone passaway

The nirvana provider is ready to help you in the best way possible if you just lost a loved one. An expert who provides helpful advice and answers questions is just a phone call away. Friendly and knowledgeable team members provide a wide range of funeral, cremation, and graveyard services. If you don’t know how

Lin San Temple : A Home of Spirit

Lin San Temple (Ling shan), No. 27, Lane 12, Geylangestablish. In the 1960s, Master Ruixiang passed away, and Master Chang Heng and Mingzhen passed away.The Master took over and presided over the temple affairs. Under the leadership of Master Chang Heng, the legal affairs of Lin San (Ling Shan) Temple flourished, and many good men

How to celebrate Hungry Ghost Festival?

The Ghost Month is the seventh lunar month of Chinese Lunar Calendar. The 15th lunar day of the 7th lunar month is the Chinese Ghost Festival. The Chinese formal name of the Ghost Festival is Chung-Yuan 中元. The first lunar day of the 7th lunar month is on July 29, 2022. August 12, 2022, is

How does the Covid-19 affect funerals?

How does the Covid-19 affect funerals? Appendix-Safe Management Measures for Funeral Events. a. Indoor funerals should always be attended by people wearing masks. An inner area is defined as a stretched tent with a fenced outer area. b. For funerals held in unclosed outdoor settings, such as graveyards and empty decks in public housing estates,

Niche Columbarium In Singapore

What is Columbarium? A crematorium is a structure with built-in niches for storing cremation urns. This final resting place can be a wall, a room or a freestanding building. Usually made of granite or marble, marble columns can be part of a cemetery, temple, or church. When several structures are located together, they are called

Top Columbariums In Singapore

What is Columbarium? The columbarium is a structure used to store and often display vases containing cremated bodies. The structure is usually a wall, room, or building, indoors or outdoors.The ossuary often has a designated area called a niche. There is an urn between the alcove, which has a function to help you remember and

Funeral Guide In Singapore

Death is often the subject of taboos. But death (and tax) is the only certainty of life. It is helpful to know what to do in the midst of emotional upheavals when we are facing mortality. Even if the deceased is a friend of a loved one, it is helpful to help our friends do

Decide How to Handle The Remains of A Loved One

Decide how to handle the remains of a loved one – Top Funeral Planning Services Cremation seems to be the default choice for dealing with physical bodies in Singapore after your body has expired, unless your religion prohibits that practice. In that case, burial is the only option. As your choices continue to expand, here\’s

Top 3 Tips of Choosing A Columbarium In Singapore

When loved one passed on, planning a funeral is never easy an easy task. In most cases, the idea of ​​Singapore’s ossuary is one of the most common ways to store dead remains in this land-poor country. Whether you choose the Nirvana Ossuary, Choa Chu Kang Ossuary (reopened), or Lim Chu Kang Ossuary, you can

Why We Choose Cremation Services

Some traditions mean full-body burial, while others have cremation as their new tradition. Awakenings or visits, funerals or monuments, and services are all optional, regardless of tradition. There are other options for cremation. A visit similar to the Wake provides only the general public or the chosen person closest to the deceased with the opportunity