Lin San Temple : A Home of Spirit

Lin San Temple (Ling shan), No. 27, Lane 12, Geylang
establish. In the 1960s, Master Ruixiang passed away, and Master Chang Heng and Mingzhen passed away.
The Master took over and presided over the temple affairs.

Under the leadership of Master Chang Heng, the legal affairs of Lin San (Ling Shan) Temple flourished, and many good men and women
They came here to worship Buddha and cultivate together. In addition, the monastery often invites Yan Pei
The Master came to speak the scriptures, and Master Chang Heng was invited by Master Hongchuan,
He almost participated in all the pujas in Guangming Mountain that year.

In terms of charity and public welfare, Lingshan Temple has also spared no effort: to protect Master Yan Peiā€™s
Childrenā€™s classes, monthly visits and donations to elderly homes, and occasional visits to orphanages
Shi, donate the donations raised every year on Vesak Day to various charitiesā€¦

With the successive construction of surrounding buildings, the foundation of Lingshan Temple has been seriously damaged.
The damage has turned into a ā€œdangerous buildingā€. In 2003, to be on the safe side,
Lingshan Temple had to be demolished and rebuilt. However, due to insufficient funding and architectural plans
Due to paper modification and other reasons, the reconstruction project had to be postponed.

Until the death of Master Chang Heng in 2017, and after several fundraising events,
In the end, 3.5 million yuan was raised for charity.
At present, the foundation of Lingshan Temple has been re-laid, and ground-breaking reconstruction has begun.
Scheduled to be completed within a year. But in order to complete the whole project, it will need to raise 350
million in donations. It is reported that the reconstructed Lingshan Temple will be three stories high, not only will
Retain and continue the previous dharma conferences, joint practice, lectures, etc., and plan to open free
Free Buddhist courses and a series of activities to attract more people, especially young people
Enter Buddhism.

Lingshan Temple is a pure modern Buddhist hall, a solemn and noble sacred hall, the best of both worlds in tradition and life,
Let all peopleā€™s thoughts and thoughts be pinned here.

What are the advantages of Lingshan Temple?

1. Freehold title: You donā€™t have to worry about relocating in the future because of contract renewal, you can pay homage to your ancestors here with peace of mind.
2. Convenient location: Lin San Temple is located in the center of Singapore. People who drive or MRT can arrive here in the fastest time, providing a lot of convenience.
3. Price concessions: All the ashes and sacred tablets in Lingshan Temple are affordable. I hope more people can have a quiet environment to worship their ancestors.

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