What to do when someone passaway

The nirvana provider is ready to help you in the best way possible if you just lost a loved one. An expert who provides helpful advice and answers questions is just a phone call away. Friendly and knowledgeable team members provide a wide range of funeral, cremation, and graveyard services. If you don’t know how to deal with the death of a family, the following list shows what to do immediately after death and in the days and months after death.
Consider printing and/or emailing this checklist to yourself and your close family members for easy access in the coming days and weeks.
What to do immediately when someone dies
1. Call your local Nirvana provider to arrange transportation for your loved ones. We arrange transportation without the obligation to use the funeral. Before the morgue or crematorium takes care of your loved one, be aware of the arrangements you need to make for autopsy and organ donation.
2. Notify family and close friends of the death. You may wish to ask some of these people to inform others.
3. Arrange for a caretaker for children, elderly parents, and pets. (This is a good task to delegate to someone you trust.)
4. Notify your loved one`s employer, if he or she was still working. Ask about remaining pay, life insurance, benefits, or any other work-related details you may need to know.
5. Locate the will and any pre-planned funeral arrangements.
6. Choose a funeral home, morgue, or funeral home to start planning a funeral, memorial, cremation, or life celebration.
Things to do before the funeral
1. Recruit family and friends as coffin attendants, greeters, decorators, or meal servants.
2. If necessary, check the house of your loved one (another good task to delegate). Water plants, throw out perishable food, collect mail and make sure all the doors and windows are closed and locked.
3. Plan for a post-funeral gathering, such as a reception or visitation. Ask your Nirvana provider about the options for catered and non-catered gatherings that will offer comfort to friends and family.
4. Share service details. Once you have decided on the date and place of your funeral, let your loved ones know so you can share information with your friends and locals. Dedicated Dignity Memorial Obituaries can be used to direct users to obituaries, service details, flower options, and virtual condolence registration pages.

Follow-up and Bereaved Family Materials
Weeks to months after the death of a family can be very difficult, depending on relationships with loved ones and traditional mourning practices of faith. Make sure you take steps to deal with death in an emotionally healthy way. Also, know that taking care of yourself and having others take care of you is part of the healing process.
Condolences are natural and personal and have no schedule. It may take some time

Grief is natural, personal, and has no timetable. It may last for a shorter or longer time than you expect, and it may be coupled with feelings of anger, guilt, emptiness, or hopelessness. Whatever your experience, know that there are family and friends all around you who are willing to support you at this time.

We’re here for you, too. When you plan a funeral with a Nirvana provider, you get unlimited complimentary phone access to professionals trained in grief counseling any time day or night, for any reason through our 24-hour Compassion Helpline®. We also offer online grief resources accessible from anywhere

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