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Ancestral Tablet

Ancestor worship has been a longstanding practice within the Chinese culture. It symbolizes respect and remembrance of one’s ancestors with the spirit of knowing one’s roots and filial piety deeply engraved into the heart of this practice. Unbeknownst to many, ancestral tablets have been used as a form of glorification of one’s family in ancient Chinese traditions. Having a large hall to contain one’s family pedestals signified high honor and glory in one’s family. At Nirvana Memorial Garden, spacious halls have been constructed for this very purpose to house the ancestral tablets to continue this line of tradition.

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Ancestor Tablets Installation & Rising Ceremony

Ancestral Tablet
Ancestral tablets are traditionally used to retain legacies and for family members to remember their loved ones. They can be housed at home or in a Buddhist temple.

Based on customaries, it is advisable that family members place the tablet at home as a form of filial piety. It is also good virtue to offer incense and flowers to the Ancestral Tablet, to keep them in memory.

That being said, in this modern day and age, many families might be uncertain about how to make offerings or the proper way to maintain such tablets. We are available to provide complimentary telephone support to guide you through the proper procedures.

If you would like to keep the tablet at home or transfer the tablet to another place (such as a temple), we will be able to help.If the deceased was placed in the spiritual prayer room of Nirvana Singapore, after the forty-nine days, the Shi-fu will chant in the spiritual prayer room, and then chant again in front of the new ancestor tablet so as to invite the ancestor to stay inside the new tablet.

If the customer intends to relocate their ancestor from other temples to Nirvana Memorial Garden, we will contact the customer to choose a good day. On that good day, Shi-fu will chant in the temple, and then lead the ancestor to Nirvana Singapore. After that, the Shi-fu will then chant again in front of the new ancestor tablet so as to invite the ancestor to stay inside the new ancestor tablet.