Top 3 Tips of Choosing A Columbarium In Singapore

When loved one passed on, planning a funeral is never easy an easy task. In most cases, the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčSingapore’s ossuary is one of the most common ways to store dead remains in this land-poor country. Whether you choose the Nirvana Ossuary, Choa Chu Kang Ossuary (reopened), or Lim Chu Kang Ossuary, you can choose a private or government-controlled ossuary. Knowing how to choose an ossuary can help you plan a funeral in Singapore and choose the right funeral service.

If you have already decided on an ossuary, you can remember your ancestors and your deceased loved ones by planning a memorial service, prayer service, or Qingming prayer ceremony. Here are five important tips for choosing an ossuary.

1. Respecting the remains of a loved one

For many, when it comes to dealing with the remains of a loved one, there are two options: burial or cremation. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčsprinkling ash into the ocean may be ideal, but it should be considered carefully as families cannot collect ash for storage or memorial. Choosing an urn and ashes at the ossuary will help future families remember and commemorate the lives of previous generations.

2. Select the appropriate level niche

For those who are new to the death of their relatives, many customs and rituals are unfamiliar or ambiguous in need of guidance. Looking at the Private Colombalian Niche Price, the price gives the price of to the level, but do you really know why? In modern Columbaria, such as Nirvana Memorial Garden, each suite will have eight or nine levels or niche. Each level has a variety of meanings to act on people with specific religions and specific preferences.
The first and second levels are known as branch branches and grandchildren need to kneel to worship.

The-3444 and 4th level” is known as “prosperity” And fit people who sit with people sitting and praying for her ancestors. The fifth level is the most popular and tends to be the most expensive because it is eye level. This level is most convenient for all generations of the family to pray, as the family does not have to kneel, crouch, or look up between the alcove. The sixth and seventh levels, known as “guardians,” mean that ancestors take care of their families and future generations. The last two levels, 8 and 9, symbolize the \”respect\” level, which means that the injured people showed high morale.

3. Funeral package does not include ancestral niches, jars or pedestals

When choosing a burial, please note that the funeral package does not include ancestor niches, jars or pedestals .. To meet these needs, personalized services are provided that cover aspects other than the funeral package.

Why Choose Nirvana?

When choosing the Nirvana Ossuary as an incarnation of vases and ruins, you are choosing our commitment to embrace proud traditions and culture. Nirvana offers all kinds of funerals and ossuary to celebrate and celebrate life. Through our services, we provide professionalism and support families to celebrate the life and memory of the deceased with dignity. Choose Nirvana when choosing the final resting place.

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