Decide How to Handle The Remains of A Loved One

Decide how to handle the remains of a loved one – Top Funeral Planning Services

Cremation seems to be the default choice for dealing with physical bodies in Singapore after your body has expired, unless your religion prohibits that practice. In that case, burial is the only option.

As your choices continue to expand, here\’s what you need to know when deciding on a final break for yourself or your loved one.

As one of the Top funeral directors in Singapore  – Mr Joon Fai advises the family on possible final breaks for their deceased loved ones when they do not know what to do after the bodies are cremated. In Singapore, placing ashes in the ossuary also means a decision and decision to choose a private or government-run ossuary. The niche needs to decide on a \”convenient\” location, what kind of urn and what kind of plaque to use.

Besides burial and cremation, Singapore has other means of handling bodies. This includes scattering ashes in the sea (burial in the sea) and turning the ashes of loved ones into souvenirs (eternal gems). The latest option, launched in 2022, allows you to scatter the ashes of your family\’s loved ones in your private garden.

It can be difficult to accept the end of death that meets the emotional needs of the family. Family emotional and psychological needs can play a role in deciding how to treat the remains of a loved one. The family may want to physically remind their loved ones near them. Being able to visit your loved ones in the graveyard or ossuary will help you deal with the healing process and loss.

Over the years, the last resting place could be a meeting place for later generations. However, if the family does not believe in the regular visits of young families, maintaining a tokonoma or burial ground can begin to feel burdensome.
After death, more and more people are embracing the idea of ​​burial at sea because they do not want to bother their children and offspring.


Is good feng shui important? Some families believe that a convenient location for a niche or a burial site for the dead is important.

They may also choose to bury their loved ones\’ ashes in a private ossuary rather than a government-run ossuary, as they can also pay a premium to choose the best location.


Is it important to have easy access to the ashes of a loved one?
Access to rest areas is an important consideration if you can\’t stand the idea that you don\’t have the remains of your loved one.

Practical Singaporeans need to consider whether the location is well connected by bus or MRT, whether the parking space is accessible by car, and whether the route there is easy to navigate. These factors can certainly determine whether a loved one\’s visit to a resting place will be enjoyable.

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Choosing the right funeral service in Singapore

Regardless of which funeral service you choose to go with, being able to respect the wishes of the deceased and the family should be the top priority. When it comes to funeral needs in Singapore, do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly and professional staff. We are here to assist you and to make this process as easy for you as possible. You can contact us or drop a call at or Whatsapp us at +658452 4408.