Funeral Guide In Singapore

Death is often the subject of taboos. But death (and tax) is the only certainty of life. It is helpful to know what to do in the midst of emotional upheavals when we are facing mortality. Even if the deceased is a friend of a loved one, it is helpful to help our friends do what they do during this difficult time.
This is a comprehensive guide on what to do after the death of a loved one.

First, all deaths (regardless of citizenship) that occur in Singapore must be registered within 24 hours, as required by law. The process of doing this and obtaining a cause of death certificate (CCOD) depends on where the death occurred.

Death at home in Singapore

If your loved one dies at home, you must be proved dead by a doctor. This could be your doctor or a neighborhood doctor who is willing to make a home visit.

Where to Find a Doctor:

  • Raffles Medical Group – Tel: 6311 1555
  • Speedoc-Tel: 8180 8948
  • MW Medical – Tel: 6250 0625
  • Trinity House Call-Tel: 8223 4999
  • Ambulance-Tel: 8779 9441
  • Homage – Tel: 6100 0055

Home visits cost about $ 200 to $ 300. If the doctor can prove the death, a CCOD will be issued on the spot. Keep in mind that doctors may not be able to visit your home without knowing the medical history of the deceased and without a clear cause of death.

Documents that may help physicians in assessing the cause of death:

  1. Medical history of the deceased
  2. Discharge report
  3. Prescriptions and medicines
  4. If you can’t contact your doctor, you can call the police and take them to the morgue.

If the one that you love surpassed away withinside the health center, matters are greater honest because the health practitioner could have already organized the CCOD if the motive of demise is known, and the motive is natural. The own circle of relatives can gain the CCOD from the health center or are trying to find help from the ward nurses.

If The Doctor Cannot Certify The Cause Of Death

If the health practitioner can’t certify the motive of demise, the frame ought to be despatched to the mortuary for destiny investigation. Call the police for the frame to be despatched to Mortuary @ HSA (placed at Block 9, Singapore General Hospital) in a police hearse. The own circle of relatives may be notified via way of means of the police whilst to visit the Mortuary @ HSA (normally the following day). Learn more about. The important documents to prepare are:

  1. All medical documents related to the deceased
  2. Medicines taken by the deceased
  3. ID of the deceased (NRIC and / or passport)
  4. Your ID

Decide on a funeral
Once you have a death certificate, you can hire a funeral director to do the following:

  • Collect bodies from the morgue at home or in the hospital
  • If necessary, send your body for antiseptic treatment

When bring your body to the wake location. You can search the directory of the Singapore Funeral Directors Association to find a suitable funeral director. Recommendations from your place of worship and friends and family are also good sources for finding the right funeral director.
Other preparations you have to do include:

  • Set of clothing for the deceased (including underwear)
  • Enlarged photo with funeral portrait

5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Funeral Hall or Funeral Service Provider

However, before hiring a funeral director or funeral, you need to work with your family to decide on funeral issues. In times of sadness, it\’s easy to be swayed by emotional complaints or feel the need to supplement with a gorgeous funeral. You should also consider whether your recently deceased loved one has left instructions on how to perform the funeral.

A clear idea of ​​how the funeral is done avoids unnecessary or unexpected costs. Most funeral homes are really useful, but they are in business and upsells can occur. Here are three things to consider before embarking on a funeral:

1) burial or cremation

2) religious ceremonies to use

# 1 Burial or Cremation

In Singapore, 82% of all deaths are cremated. 73% are cremated at the Mandai crematorium and 9% are cremated at a private crematorium (see Gwangmyeongsan Fukakuzenin and Tseto Aum Temple).

Singapore’s burial is limited to only 15 years, and locals are becoming more fond of cremation. Fifteen years later, the remains will be excavated and cremated, unless prohibited for unavoidable religious reasons. In this case, the wreckage is dug out and backfilled in smaller compartments.
Not only can the ashes be stored in the ossuary or burial ground, but the ashes can also be sprayed into the sea. The area 2.8 km south of Semakau Island is designated for burial at sea from 7 am to 7 pm. You or your funeral home can contact the MPA’s Port Marine Safety Control Center (6325 2488) for more information.

On average, non-ritual burials at sea cost about $ 100 to $ 1,000 or more for more elaborate rituals. Please note that there is currently no way to bury from land to sea. To do a burial at sea, you need to hire a boat. A sea burial facility has been built in Tanamela, with wooden walkways extending into the sea to scatter ash.

The ashes scattered on the land are also available in the Peace Garden at Choa Chu Kang Cemetery. Reservations can be made online or at the Reservation Office of the Bandai Crematorium Office or Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Office. It costs $320 for each ash scattering service booking.

#2 Religious Rites

Religious ceremonies are the most important factor in determining how a funeral is held. In many cases, it is clear what religious rituals are used for burial. However, this can be a major issue if the family has different religious opinions.
Your place of worship can advise on funerals. Funeral package costs vary slightly depending on the religious ritual, such as Christian, Catholic, and free sinker funeral packages being slightly cheaper.
Please note that depending on your religion, you may be expected to make small donations or pay fees for the various prayers and rituals that take place. These are often not included in the funeral package, so you should consult someone who is familiar with the funeral of your religion.

# 3 Location of the Funeral Hall

Given that most of the population lives in the HDB, most funerals are held on the HDB’s void deck. Venue rentals are usually not included in the funeral package. You or your funeral home must obtain the required permits from the relevant authorities. For wakes in open areas where tents must be built, regular funeral packages do not include tent fees. Your funeral director can further advise you on fees and providers.

HDB Void Deck
You must obtain approval from the city council and contact the city council to secure the details of the funeral reservation.
The following conditions must be met in order to submit an application.

  1. 21 over the age
  2. Relatives of the deceased
  3. HDB resident of the city council you are applying for

On public holidays or outside business hours, you can call the city\’s 24-hour emergency service hotline (EMSU) for assistance. The
City Council advises on the following:

  • HDB common room available near the block of the apartment
  • Utility charges (water, electricity, etc.)

Please go to the city hall the next business day to get a permit and pay. Please bring NRIC, death certificate, cash / NETS / credit card to pay. The
HDB provides temporary parking for the bereaved family, allowing you to park your car nearby. You can apply for this at any HDB branch / service point.
Private Apartment Site:

Must be licensed by the Housing Corporation. This depends heavily on your home management and facilities. Another option is to use government land near your home.

Private Estate

You can also take a wake at your own home. If you need to use part of the off-site road or use public roads for funerals, you will need to obtain permission from the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

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