Nirvana in partnership with NanHua University Raising the level of ‘ Life Management ’ Studies

On 10 July 2015, Nirvana signed a strategic alliance agreement with Nanhua University at Nirvana Memorial Garden in Singapore.

According to Nirvana’s CEO, Dato Jerry Yu, the infrastructure at all Nirvana establishments is par excellence and the partnership with Nanhua University is aimed at raising the standard of Nirvana’s human capital through professional courses to produce improved service with utmost professionalism.

The likely impact of population ageing on our society is that the pressure on living through the final journey of life keeps soaring. It’s all about arriving at the final stage of life where the prophecy of ‘birth, ageing, illness and death is coming true.

Planning your service in advance makes life a lot easier for both yourself and your family, in terms of emotional and financial security, and peace of mind at a stressful time.

Raising the bar of the funeral industry.

Cai Chang Xiong, Associate Professor of the ‘Life and Death’ studies at Nanhua University remarked that: “Malaysia is the first strategic industrial partner outside China to enjoy this very specific degree programme. We certainly look forward to having Singapore as our next partner.

The academic partnership with Nirvana covers specially designed courses and internships with the aim of raising the capabilities of the human capital of the funeral industry by equipping the fraternity members with the proper knowledge of ‘life and death.

Upon graduation, they shoulder the responsibility of educating the public about the true value of life and death.”


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