Funeral Services Pre Planning Checklist

Planning a funeral is a concern for many and can be difficult and often a daunting task even for the most resilient individuals. Different cultures around the world have their own ways of coping with this reality.

When emotional tensions fly high, family members become indecisive on how to resolve the situation. The emotional discomfort of grief and stress complicates the process of preparing for funeral services in Singapore.

Death is an inevitable part of human existence, and families can now find peace and comfort in knowing that the strenuous decision-making process involved in funeral planning, such as the cost of funeral services, can be made in advance.

This eases the burden on loved ones during this difficult emotional time.

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General Preparations

‚ėź ¬†Prepare a contact list including names and phone numbers of persons you wish to have notified of your death or a medical emergency.

‚ėź ¬†Decide on the person who will be responsible to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

‚ėź ¬†Assemble information for the obituary, including biographical details and where the obituary should appear.

‚ėź ¬†Select a funeral home.

Funeral Home Services

‚ėź State, in writing, the type of disposition you would like i.e. burial or cremation

  • For burial

‚ėź ¬†Select the burial plot location.

‚ėź ¬†Select burial vault.

‚ėź ¬†Choose your preferred casket type i.e. made of wood, metal, or composite materials.

‚ėź ¬†Choose preferred burial garments.

  • For cremation

‚ėź ¬†Choose preferred cremation casket/container type i.e. made of wood, metal, or composite materials.

‚ėź ¬†Select cremation urn type.

‚ėź ¬†Decide what to do with the ashes.

‚ėź ¬†Select cremation plot location.

‚ėź ¬†Choose the type of service i.e. religious, celebration of life, memorial service.

‚ėź ¬†Choose family viewing or visitation.

‚ėź ¬†Choose a floral arrangement i.e. type, colour.

‚ėź ¬†Select a photograph to be displayed.

‚ėź ¬†Select music and hymns.

‚ėź ¬†Select pallbearers.

‚ėź ¬†Make arrangements for transportation.


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