Memorial Service and Funeral Service: What\’s the Difference?

There are a few distinct differences between a memorial service and a funeral. So¬†when a loved one passes on you\’ll need to choose. Fortunately, both services are available at Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore.

You just need to know the difference between the two so you can decide how best to honor them.


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Funeral Service.

A funeral is one where the deceased\’s body is present, either in a casket or cremation urn. Typically, a clergyman is present and desired religious rituals are performed per the request of the deceased and their family. Compared to a memorial service, a funeral often involves mourning for the departed.

A viewing, typically scheduled at the same time of the funeral, is available as well at Nirvana Columbarium. Funerals are typically formal gatherings for family and friends of the deceased. This sort of gathering to memorialize the deceased is usually performed within a week of them passing away.

Memorial Service.

On the other hand, a memorial service is usually less formal than a funeral. A key difference is that the body is not present. If it is, it is usually in the form of a cremation urn.

Unlike a funeral service, a clergyman is usually not present to perform religious rituals or head the event. A memorial service is a simple celebration of the deceased’s life.

Offering you the perfect service.

Therefore, regardless of which you choose, Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore will assist you in every aspect. We\’ll help you plan and create that beautiful service that will comfort you in your time of loss, every step of the way.

We at the Nirvana have a variety of services to aid you lay your loved one to rest.  We have ample sites available, allowing you to find the perfect feng shui niche, all of which are climate controlled. In addition, a columbarium is one of the best choices in Singapore due to limited space.

Most importantly, Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore will provide a tranquil and appropriate place for your loved one and ensure that everything is handled with care. So whether you choose a funeral or memorial service, Nirvana has the experience, compassion and beautiful facility to create the perfect feng shui setting.


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