Buddhism: Life, Death, Rebirth, Nirvana – Funeral Services in Singapore

Funeral services in Singapore are based on different sects of Buddhism with differences in belief, but they all share something in common – Samsara. Samsara, or the cycle of life and death – an endless cycle of death and reincarnation.

How they reincarnate is tied directly to their Karma, the sum of all their actions, work and deeds during a lifetime. The belief is that if someone had lived their life well and had good karma, combined with the all of his/her previous lifetimes, will result in a good reincarnation.

However, the true  a Buddhist can free oneself from the cycle by shunning worldly desire and lusts to achieve a state of enlightenment. This state of enlightenment is called Nirvana

Funeral Services in Singapore – Helping the dying find peace.

When close to death, Buddhists believe that it’s their responsibility to be close to the dying person in order to comfort them. Rather than agonizing meaninglessly over the inevitable, it is better to accept their fate.

To dispel the melancholy and despair they are instead encouraged to think back about all the good things they’ve done in their life. Not only does this help bring about a happy closure to their lives, but because of Karma they believe that it will positively influence their next life.

Sometimes a small Buddha statue is placed on the head of the dying person to help them focus, while monks chant protective verses, called “parittas”.

Death, preparation and wake. 

After passing on the body of the deceased cannot be touched immediately. According to the Last Rites of Amitabha, the spirit will continue to reside within the it for a short while after it stops breathing.

Only when the body has gone cold will it finally be washed in preparation for burial or cremation. The body is then dressed in regular everyday clothes as they should be comfortable for their final pilgrimage.

Peace and calm are the order of the day during the wake. An altar with a picture of the deceased is often placed near the casket, which is kept open. Just like when the individual was at death’s door, gentle prayers and chants fill the ceremony and will continue for as long as the mourners need it.

Final funeral services and burial.

On the morning of the burial or cremation, a final rite will be performed by the monks or nuns. The chants include “Going for Refuge” of the Three Jewels and the Precepts. Other sutras that is read by the head of the ceremony while leading the other mourners in chant.

Following behind the hearse carrying the casket, family members may also opt to lead the procession themselves. Some even use pre-recorded chanting to guide them along the way. Funeral services in Singapore follow many of the same traditions.


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