What is a funeral?

The word “funeral” comes from a Latin word ‘funus’ which means a ceremony for celebrating , paying respect and remembering the life of the person who has died. Funeral comprises of various customs, beliefs and rituals according to the culture for remembering the departed soul. Customs can vary from the cultures and between religious affiliations within the cultures.
Funeral , a memorial service is usually commenced by the monk, clergy or priest from the family of descendant or from Temple, church or religion. It is usually carried out at a funeral place or at Temple etc.
Sometimes an open casket service is also held at some funeral

processions allowing mourners to have a last glimpse of the deceased and bid their final goodbye. The immediate family members followed by other mourners approach the casket in a certain order to pay their last respect to the departed soul.
The deceased is then transported to the church in a special vehicle, known as hearse to carry the casket. Such funeral service vehicles are equipped with light bars, flowers and flashers so as to increase their visibility on the road. After the funeral service, the funeral procession proceeds to the cemetery if the deceased is to be buried. The funeral processions proceeds to crematorium if the deceased is to be cremated.
During the funeral processions the casket may be covered with arrangement of flowers known as casket spray.
Prayers, readings from sacred books , hymns are usually read at the funeral services. Then a close friend and relative give eulogy in which he recalls the deceased’s happy memories and accomplishments.
Nirvana Memorial Garden is the first of its kind Columbarium located at Old Choa Chu Kang Road, Singapore, combines with the Chinese culture together with the teachings of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism and architecture.
Built with the state of art technology, high quality construction standards and with regular and continuous maintenance, Nirvana Memorial Garden has surely given a new image and meaning to the columbarium by providing a peaceful resting place to the departed souls and complete peace of mind to the family members at the same time who have come to pay their respect to their departed loved ones.
Nirvana Memorial Garden truly is a symbol of love, respect and remembrance for the ancestors by their descendants. It provides various facilities besides a very comfortable environment such as a praying hall, different suites such as memorial and family suites and cafeteria which provides good food to the visitors.
At Nirvana, family members can design and decorate a niche with the favorite items of the departed loved ones such as their accessories etc which can bring their fond memories.
The deceased’s mortal remains are placed in a container called “urn” and are placed in Columbarium. The urns are placed inside the niches which can be customized by the family members by keeping the likings of the deceased such as the accessories, photographs, mementos of the deceased etc so as to commemorate the life of the deceased.

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