Funeral Memorial Services in Singapore

Losing a loved one is a time of mourning and grief. Unfortunately, we ultimately have to give in to the truth that we will have to eventually accept reality, its finality and somberness.

Nirvana Memorial Garden providesĀ funeral services in SingaporeĀ to those afflicted by the pain of death with a dedication and compassion needed inĀ such a distressful situation. Serving dignity and honor is our philosophy.


Don’t leave it all for the last moment – Contact Nirvana Columbarium SingaporeĀ atĀ +65-8452-4408Ā for funeral services in Singapore.


As a leading Singapore Casket Company, Nirvana Memorial Garden provides privileged funeral services in Singapore with the help of 50 dedicated employees.

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Cremation serviceĀ are popular in Singapore for the simple fact that it is more affordable and the remains of loved ones can be easily interred anywhere. Dating back more than 20,000 years, cremation has long shadowed humanity’s need for a dignified and effective way of laying their dead to rest.

These rites of cremation was much later on better codified by Buddhist traditions, which many of us are more familiar with today. Although there are individuals who are uncomfortable with the idea of cremation, it\’s important to remember that the type of funeral doesn’t matter to make a funeral memorial meaningful – it’s all about love and honour.

For someone who’s helped us throughout life and kept close company, a funeral service is the time to honour them.


Ā Contact Nirvana Columbarium SingaporeĀ or call us atĀ +65-8452-4408Ā for Funeral Pre-Planning Services.


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