2015 Most Outstanding Enterprise Award of Brands Entrepreneur Alliance (Singapore)Opening up a new chapter in the membership history of Brands Entrepreneur Alliance (Singapore) is Nirvana Memorial Garden, bringing with it a whole new game to the table: the funeral industry.

Driven by the mission to champion a proud cultural legacy that fulfils an important need in society, Nirvana Memorial Garden has proudly earned the priceless membership certificate from Brands Entrepreneur Alliance (Singapore).

Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore greets the city state with a new, comprehensive set-up, comprised of  thoughtful services of utmost care and love that comforts family members who’ve lost their loved ones.

Being a notable member of Brands Entrepreneur Alliance (Singapore), Nirvana Memorial Garden columbarium in Singapore has also been nominated for the 2015 Most Outstanding Enterprise Award. This goes to show that the funeral industry is getting noticed and recognised for its significance and professionalism – and the persistence and diligence of Nirvana is bearing fruit!

Naturally, the anticipation is building up as the award ceremony draws closer. Being nominated alone is such a great honour in the first place and we aspire to scale greater heights with more innovative solutions. Vying for the 2015 Most Outstanding Enterprise Award means keep doing what we know best, a noble responsibility that ensures the continuity of a proud cultural heritage of the Chinese society.


Don’t leave it all for the last moment – Contact Nirvana Columbarium Singapore at +65-8452-4408 and start planning today.



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