Living With The Times – Why choose a Columbarium in Singapore?

A short history of the Columbarium.

The word ‘Columbarium’ is derived from the Italian, “dove”. Interestingly, the first columbariums, located in ancient Rome, weren’t intended as resting places for the deceased – they were homes built for large families of pigeons and doves! Fitting, since doves have long been associated as the pathfinders of peace and tranquillity by many religions: an analogy we can make with passing over.

The columbarium as we know it today began in Ancient Asia when Buddhist monks, who had always favoured cremation, started building beautiful columbariums to house the ash-containing urns in.

Although this is speculation, they probably did it for many of the same reasons we have today: land-savings in dense urban populations, costs and practicality.

Columbariums today have kept up with the times – and their designs more exquisite than ever before.

Chinese columbariums in Singapore have especially gone down this path with premium columbariums that are fully air-conditioned and indoors.

This doesn’t just provide for the comfort visiting family members and friends, but to also help protect the interred from the damaging effects of weather, such as damaging excessive moisture and photothermal sunlight, from ruining these special places.

Truly, these columbariums are built to withstand the test of time.


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This columbarium is fully air-conditioned for both the preservation of the interred and for the comfort of visitors.

Advantages of a columbarium and cremation.

Whether you’re pre-planning for your own death, a loved one’s, or making ad-hoc arrangements for a recently-deceased family member, it’s important to consider the many advantages that a columbarium can offer.

1. Cost savings.

A columbarium in Singapore makes absolute sense where land is scarce and expensive (Managing Singapore’s Land Needs, URA). A standard columbarium is far less costly than a grave plot but is just a good a resting place for loved ones that family and mourners can pay their respects at.

Those savings can then be channelled into other ways to honour the dead, like more exquisite decorations, better preservation facilities, as well as added comfort for visiting relatives and loved ones, including shuttle bus services and clean and sanitary spaces.

2. A place where multiple family members may rest side-by-side.

Because of columbarium is built with multiple vaults together it is possible to pre-plan the final resting places of family members together. This may be the entire family: father, mother, children or even extended family members, like a compact mausoleum.

3. Versatility.

Because a columbarium and the urns containing the ashes of those resting inside can accessed easily this gives family members the versatility to relocate or redistribute their remembrances. The ashes can also be brought back home should they decide to. I think most would find the prospect of exhuming the grave of a loved one to do all that morbid.


Don’t leave it all for the last moment – Contact Nirvana Columbarium Singapore at +65-8452-4408 and start planning today.