The Importance Funeral Rites and their Symbolic Meaning.


When my grandfather passed on nearly 20 years ago it made me realize that nothing in life is forever.  About the inevitable end that has stricken humanity for as long as collective memory can remember. Archaeologists and anthropologist recognize the mark of a culture when they find evidence of funeral rites.

The passing of a loved one is a painful experience that some never really get over and elaborate rites and ceremonies are practiced to help grieving members overcome those feelings of loss. These services, often provided by the clergy or religious bodies, are significant in helping the inflicted and often goes unrecognized.

The purpose of funeral rites.

The essence and purpose of funeral services in Singapore, whether Indian, Chinese or elsewhere in the world have not changed over thousands of years. Grieving members use the opportunity to express their love for the deceased and to say their final farewells.

They come together with other family members to comfort one another and to discuss their views of the reality of life and death, and help rationalize their thoughts so that they can accept the situation. Funeral rituals are therapeutic and helps one to cope with tragedy, and to continue living their lives away from the shadow of death.

A deeper understanding.

Like other milestones in life the rituals associated with funerals represent many facets: from philosophical understanding of life and death like Nirvana, to strengthening the sense of unity and emotional ties between members.

The act of performing a ritual together creates a support system for common beliefs and values. In Chinese tradition loved ones remain with their families after death, guiding and providing emotional and social support for those still alive. Their passing is seen as a transition into a long, unending continuity.

These rituals are not limited to the immediate family but extend to the community Рextended family, friends, religious members, villages and even entire nations. And, rituals allow for the expression of emotions far beyond words ever can.


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