Why you should choose Nirvana

nirvana singapore columbarium
nirvana singapore columbarium

Elegant walkway

NV Multi Asia Sdn Bhd (NV Multi) brings you Nirvana Memorial Park, the largest privatised memorial park in Singapore. NV Multi Asia is the largest bereavement care provider in  Asia and it is a one-stop comprehensive funeral service centre that undertakes funeral, burial and cremation services with utmost respect and care. Nirvana staffs are professional and always strive to provide best in class bereavement care service and these are the reasons why you should choose Nirvana.

[title title=”The Most Luxurious Columbarium” sub_title=”yes” sub_title_text=”Being Singapore’s first six-star columbarium, Nirvana features modern state-of-art air-conditioned pavilions creating comfortable environment. Nirvana’s columbarium is furnished with intricate embellishments along with consideration of good elements in Fengshui.”][title title=”Renowned Brand” sub_title=”yes” sub_title_text=”NV Multi Asia has more than 20 years experience in the industry and it is Asia’s largest bereavement care provider NV Multi Asia has undergone expansion from Malaysia to other South East Asia countries like Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and also China over the years and Nirvana is dedicated to help our client during their time of mourning and distress when a loved one passes on. “][title title=”Pre-plan to save for the future and Inflation Protection” sub_title=”yes” sub_title_text=”We will lock in the price you have invested with a fixed price payment plan and it is the best way to hedge against inflation in the midst of currency devaluation and rising cost of living. As such, the sooner you start to pre-plan for the future, the more you will save as it has been proven the pricing of this product has increased over the years. “][title title=”Attractive Zero Percent Interest Installment Plan” sub_title=”yes” sub_title_text=”We offer a two-year payment plan with 0% interest which will not only safeguard your decision, but also help you to reduce your financial burden.”][title title=”Excellent Location” sub_title=”yes” sub_title_text=”With the entire area of Old Choa Chu Kang is now devoted to cemeteries, the serene and peaceful surroundings will ensure an idyllic resting place for the departed loved ones. “][title title=”Superior After Sales Services” sub_title=”yes” sub_title_text=”We offer exceptional bereavement service by providing guidance and advice with deep care and sensitivity in time of grief. It is by pre-planning with us and Nirvana’s excellent bereavement care service, one can have peace of mind knowing that their departed loved ones will be treated with love and respect many years after their demise. “][title title=”Establishment of Trust Fund” sub_title=”yes” sub_title_text=”We have set up a $30 millions trust fund plan for continuity and security to ensure sustainable operations and to protect the interest of our client by appointing Rockwills Trustee Limited as our trustee.”][spacer height=”60px”]

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