Suite 62 迎祥阁

White porcelain and golden flower, which are tastefully decorated with rhinestone
Elegance, purity and tranquillity
A fragrance breeze and blessings from the Buddha
Embarking on the journey towards “Pura Land” in the West


Entering into a beautiful and peaceful world of Buddha
The purity of white combines in unison with the holy relic of the Golden Mandala
Let the auspicious blessings of peace and comforts fill your heart with boundless realms of joy
Put aside your desires and all things on earth, it is all but an illusion
Free your mind and clear your heart from worldly worries and sorrow
Like a lotus which floats and blooms on the water, see the world in an enlightened mind and a pure heart


  • Categories: Block C - Modern Columbarium, Niche Suites