Suite 3A 念亲阁

Reborn from the lotus:

As pointed out in the “Infinite Life Sutra”, the “Pure Land” in the West is symbolised as life being reborn from the Lotus. Every being that aspires to live in the Western Paradise has a deep connection with the Lotus. This is because the Lotus signifies a place that is characterised by life, the living and the accompanying activities.

The concept of flowing water was used as an inspiration for the design of the crystal glass tablets in Suite 3A (Nian Qin Ge), conjuring up an imagery of a sacred lotus blooming on water that is accompanied by a sweet scent. The crystal glass is sandblasted with the auspicious Flower Mandala, and is decorated with flowers and grasses in the pattern of a Chinese word “Hui” (回), which symbolises endless blessings to the descendants.


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