Royal Suite R1 帝皇阁 R1

Royal Suite R1 adopts a glazed finish in the form of crystal glass to make a powerful statement.

The stately dignified silver colour scheme was chosen to ooze the clear light reflected off the crystal glass, so pure and holy, noble and respected.

The glazed crystal glass Buddha statue bears an exquisite intricacy of craftsmanship while at the same time conveys the message of “blessings for the masses”, transmigrating the suffering souls, guiding people towards good virtues, and shaping the minds and hearts of the people.

Lord Buddha emanates the blessings that answer your holy vow to seek the right path towards the pure land for the departed loved ones. Every niche (where cremated ashes stored in an urn is placed) is exquisitely crafted. And the Swarovski crystal Buddha statues are produced in a very limited quantity only. The carving on the fine glass is spiced up with a white lotus made from glass-ceramic powder to vouch for its rarity and preciousness.

The inner hall welcomes guests with the warmth of Lord Buddha in a brightly lit and spacious setting. Imagine the presence of rays of holy light carrying an indefinite lifespan and eternal whisper of blessings. And the path to the western pure blissful land is secured to end the suffering.


  • Categories: Block B - Buddhist Columbarium 三圣殿, Niche Suites