Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore Niche Columbarium - Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore

Block A 聚仙殿

Nirvana Niche Columbarium

Columbarium of Nirvana Singapore provides the best columbarium niche. The temple columbarium is designed with the best Feng Shui (风水)layout.

The columbarium niche is a perfect Final Resting Place for departed loved ones to rest-in-peace.

Block B – Main Hall 三圣殿

Buddhist Columbarium

Main Hall (Block B) in Nirvana Singapore is built-with Buddhist Columbarium Niche.

The magnificent Buddhist Golden Statues: Amithaba, Diwang Bodhisattva, and Guanyin Bodhisattva rest in the lobby to maintain the wealth of the generations.

Block C

Nirvana Modern Columbarium

The columbarium niches, cremation niches in Block C are modern and unique. The columbarium niche comes with single, double, non-religious or buddhist selection.