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Lin San Temple

Freehold Columbarium

Lin San Temple combines Feng Shui and modern design to provide customer with a comfortable, tranquil and elegant fully air-conditioned environment.

Why Choose Lin San

Monthly Installment, 0% Interest 可每月分析付款

Allow to repay monthly installment with 0% interest. 客户可以0%利息 每月分期付款。

Modern Design with Premium Quality 现代化设计

Built with modern design with premium quality. Enjoy elegant and comfortable environment. 寺庙殿宇精美,环境优雅舒适。

Convenient Location 位于新加坡市中心

Located near Town Area, accessible by MRT stations and bus stops. 位置方便各类交通工具 - 驾驶, 地铁和巴士。

24/7 Buddhist Chanting Services 24小时事业 | 家庭 | 财运 | 姻缘 | 亡魂祈福

Enjoy 24/7 Services from our Life Consultant. 24/7全天祈福。

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Offering to Buddha 供养佛 - At $25 Only

The merits of lighting the Gong Yang Fo of the “Heng San Shi” Buddhas – Siddhartha Gautama, Bhaisajyaguru, and Amitabha – will bring you and your family longevity and fullness of blessings in this life. There are aburdant offerings to the Buddhas Bodhisattvas, lights, flowers, food, etc of them all, the offering of Dharma in the greatest bestowing of 1. Blessed with Longevity 2. Healthy and Peaceful 3. Great Wisdom 4. Free from Sufferings 5. Wealthy and Prosperity 供养佛灯的大益处:1.福寿绵长 2.身体安康 3. 得大智慧 4. 远离恶灾 5.资财丰足


Lin San Temple Located at Lorong 12, Geylang, Singapore. It is close to the center of Singapore and has convenient transportation.


In 1960s. Lin San Temple was established by Hakka Ruixiang from Guang Dong. Many Followers flocked to the temple to worship Buddha or attend the Buddist classes.


Lin San Temple combines Feng Shui and modern design to provide customer with a comfortable, tranquil and elegant fully air-conditioned environment.

The most important thing is that Lin San Temple has a FREEHOLD title that is rare in Singapore. Lin San Temple also provides exquisitely designed columbarium niches and ancestral tablets for customers to pre-order.

Freehold Niche

Enjoy the peace of mind of our freehold niches — Your loved ones can rest in peace without being moved or disturbed in the future.

Convenient Central Location

Lin San Temple niches are conveniently located in the heart of Singapore with many public transport options available within easy reach

Exquisite Design

Tastefully designed in accordance with fengshui principles, Lin San Temple niches ensure blissful eternal rest for our loved ones.

Our Services

6-Stars Funeral Service Provider

Prayer Services

In accordance with the Chinese funeral rituals and adherence to the relationship that define Chinese tradition that recognise " Virtues of Filial Piety. We provide multi-religious Prayers services in Christianity, Buddhism, Taoist and Atheist

Funeral Services

We provides quality funeral services that include free funeral consultation, deceased transfer, funeral set-up, hearse escort and One-stop funeral services

Ancestral Tablets

The Nirvana Memorial Garden being well aware of the importance of this tradition has been offering ancestral tablets to allow the clients to honor their loved ones the traditional way

Being the one of the top funeral service provider and first privatized columbarium in Singapore to embrace both traditional Chinese culture and contemporary architectural elements, Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore aims to uphold traditional customs and to pioneer improvement in bereavement care services.


As a part of NV Multi Asia Group, Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is the one and only six-star luxurious columbarium that incorporates Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism into its ground-breaking columbarium architecture, featuring state-of-the-art technology, auspicious elements of Fengshui, intricate embellishments, high construction quality standard and continuous maintenance.