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Block A 聚仙殿

Nirvana Niche Columbarium

Columbarium of Nirvana Singapore provides the best columbarium niche. The temple columbarium is designed with the best Feng Shui (风水)layout.

The columbarium niche is a perfect Final Resting Place for departed loved ones to rest in peace.

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Block B – Main Hall 三圣殿

Buddhist Columbarium

Main Hall (Block B) in Nirvana Singapore is built-with Buddhist Columbarium Niche.

The magnificent Buddhist Golden Statues: Amithaba, Diwang Bodhisattva, and Guanyin Bodhisattva rest in the lobby to maintain the wealth of the generations.

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Block C

Nirvana Modern Columbarium

The columbarium niches, cremation niches in Block C are modern and unique. The columbarium niche comes with single, double, non-religious or buddhist selection.

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Incorporating the principles of heaven and the earth, Nirvana adopted the Feng Shui building layout

in accordance with the rules of ‘Tian Yuan Di Fang’ form (the roundness of Heaven and the squareness of the Earth).

Nirvana comprises three main structures, with the main hall located in the centre, like a ‘tunnel’ in the form of a square.

The layout of our main hall is arranged in a way that resembles the Yi Jing’s ‘Kun Diagram’ that carries the meaning that

a nobleman must have a heart as broad as the earth to be able to sustain anything,

nurture new life, and create new ideas”.