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Columbarium in Singapore

Being the first privatized columbarium in Singapore to embrace both traditional Chinese culture and contemporary architecture elements, Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore aims to uphold traditional customs and to pioneer improvement in bereavement care services.


As a part of NV Multi Asia Group, Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is the one and only six-star luxurious columbarium that incorporates Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism into its ground-breaking columbarium architecture, featuring state-of-the-art technology, auspicious elements of Fengshui, intricate embellishments, high construction quality standard and continuous maintenance.


Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore exudes fresh and modern elegance, in total contrast with previous perceptions of overbearing with solemnity and somberness.


The calm and serene environment that Nirvana provides is in accordance with their endeavor in providing a peaceful resting place for the departed and a total peace of mind for their family members.


Dedicated and Caring Services.

With our verdant landscapes and a soothing ambience, Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore also allows visitors to feel at peace when they pay respects to their departed loved ones.


Nirvana takes great pride in our management team and service staff, who serve each customer with professionalism, compassion and thoughtfulness.


Recognising that filial piety is a central value in traditional Chinese culture, Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore enriches the fine quality of the Chinese bereavement culture through continuing the tradition of honour and reverence of ancestors by their descendants.


Nirvana enhances positive family communication, which will help to further reinforce the Chinese traditional values of family cohesiveness, gratitude and thanksgiving.


Exhibiting all quality of tranquillity for a place of peaceful resting, Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is the ideal everlasting resting place.


Let us help you in your time of need – Contact Nirvana Memoral Garden when the time comes to send your loved ones off with love and dignity.

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To demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism while assisting clients and their family members at the pivotal times of their lives. To exercise our responsibility as an industry leader by setting high standards of service, safety and fair business practices.

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